What are the advantages of airbags?

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What are the advantages of airbags?


Airbag is a common passive safety device in vehicles and has the following advantages:
Reduce accident injuries: Airbags can quickly inflate in the event of a vehicle collision, providing an extra layer of protection for occupants. It can reduce the direct contact between passengers and hard objects such as the vehicle's internal structure, steering wheel, and dashboard, and reduce the impact force on the head, chest, and abdomen, thereby reducing the risk of injury.
Disperse impact force: By rapidly inflating, airbags can disperse and absorb part of the impact force during a collision. It can delay the acceleration of the passenger's body, allowing the collision force to act on the body for a longer period of time, reducing damage to the body.
The role of auxiliary seat belts: Airbags are usually used together with seat belts, and the two complement each other. When a collision occurs, the airbag's inflation will quickly push the passenger's back and upper body backward, while the seat belt will restrict the passenger's forward movement, thus protecting the passenger from injury.
Multiple protection areas: Airbags in vehicles usually include not only driver and front-seat passenger airbags, but may also include side airbags, curtain airbags, etc. These airbags provide comprehensive protection and reduce the risk of injuries from different directions in an accident.
Fast response: The airbag can quickly inflate and deploy in the event of a vehicle collision, and the response speed is very fast. This allows it to quickly provide protection in the event of a collision, increasing the occupants' chances of survival.
It should be noted that airbags do not completely eliminate injuries caused by accidents, but serve as a passive safety device that works together with other safety facilities (such as seat belts, body stability control systems, etc.) to provide a better ride. People protect. In addition, correct use of seat belts, sitting posture, and normal vehicle maintenance are also important factors in ensuring the effectiveness of airbags.

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