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No. 555-2, Luhui Road, Changxing County, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

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Huzhou Deerfu Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. welcomes your joining and consultation.
Sales engineer: 2 people
1. College degree or above, major in marketing related is preferred
2. More than 5 years in the automotive stamping, machining and sales industry
3. Familiar with sales channels and rich sales resources
4. Have good acumen for the market
Machining engineer: 1
1. Be able to skillfully complete the adjustment of CNC lathes (with automatic feeder) and CNC lathes (Frank system), followed by the adjustment of centering machines (Mitsubishi system).
2. Ability to independently select material sizes, arrange machine tool models, processes, and tools according to drawings, with manual programming preferred
3. Familiar with Fanac system, followed by Mitsubishi system
Hardware mold engineer: 1
More than 1.8 years of experience in hardware mold assembly and maintenance, more than 3 years of experience in drawing molds
2. Able to operate lathes, milling machines, grinders and other processing equipment to process mold parts
3. Able to independently complete the debugging of new products and produce samples

After we send you an inquiry, how long does it take to get a reply?

On working days, we will reply to you within 12 hours after receiving the inquiry.

Are you a direct manufacturer or a trading company?

We have our own processing factory, and we also have our own international trade department. We produce and sell our own products.

What products can you offer?

We are mainly engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of automotive safety system components and photovoltaic and home appliance components.

Can you make customized products?

Yes, we do customized products, we can develop and produce products according to the drawings or samples provided by customers.

What is your company's production capacity?

At present, the annual output is more than 30 million pieces of automobile airbag parts and more than 20 million pieces of photovoltaic and home appliance sheet metal stamping parts.

How does your company ensure product quality?

First of all, we will conduct corresponding inspections after each process. For completed products, we will conduct full inspections according to customer requirements and international standards;

What are the payment methods?

When quoting, we will confirm the transaction method with you, whether it is FOB, CIF, CNF or other methods. For mass production, we usually pay 30% in advance and then pay the balance upon receipt of the bill of lading. Our payment method is mostly T/T, of course L/C is also acceptable.

How are goods shipped to customers?

Usually we ship goods by sea, because we are close to the port and sea export is very convenient. Of course, if the customer's goods are urgent, we can also transport them by air.